Construction Industry

Construction Industry

Construction industry forms solid foundation for any economy. With the rapid automation and mechanization, the construction industry is well balanced in terms of technology and has emerged as most dynamic as well as rapidly advancing industry sector. With the industry facing unprecedented growth in past few years, the expansion and modernization procedures employed by the companies involve use of new technologies as well as employing more personnel to take care of the expanding job role demands.

We’re experts in helping jobseekers find fulfilling and prosperous careers in the Construction Industry. Whether you’re looking for a manual labour job or a technical, white collar position, we can help you secure your dream job.

Why Us:

  • Understanding the urgent and vital need to create interface which enable participants to collaborate and create synergies which would help in shaping society and economy of the future
  • Expertise in handling rising demands of construction professionals to handle the demands of infrastructure creation due to increasing population base
  • Expertise in identifying talented workforce holding high degree of specialization and industry experience in related fields
  • Providing support as trustworthy referral agent that enable construction industry recruiters globally to have access to best candidate for vacancy
  • Rich data base and innovative consultative selling and career management expertise
  • Able to service clients to best of their satisfaction and reasonably small time frame
  • Expertise in providing recruiters with most appropriate, promising and highly credentialed candidates to meet specific construction industry job requirements

Working with some of the biggest names in construction (as well as some smaller but rapidly expanding companies), we can confidently place you into an Architectural, Civil Engineering, Maintenance, Planning or Surveying role – whatever your level of experience and wherever you’re based.

The roles we recruit for are:

  • Project Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Architecture & Design
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Procurement
  • Cost Estimation
  • Contract, Tendering, Bidding & Proposal?
  • Maintenance & Inspection
  • Site Engineering (Civil Construction)
  • Site Engineering (Structural)
  • Site Engineering (Mechanical)
  • Site Engineering (Electrical)
  • Site Engineering (Process)
  • Site Engineering (Instrumentation)
  • Site Engineering (Piping)
  • Architecture & Interior Design
  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction
  • FM & maintenance
  • M&E
  • Planning
  • Skilled trades & labour
  • Surveying
  • Residential
  • Commercial

We will place you at organizations that will enable you to fully utilize your specialized talent so that you can not only thrive, but are able to advance your skills and prepare for future changes in the industry as well.