Information Technology

Information Technology

Information Technology (I.T) is a product of globalization that makes the working environment efficient thus enhancing the rate of productivity. It has open doors to the outside world as communication became much easier and convenient. Due to this a lot of avenues, business opportunities, and jobs are opening up. The problem of keeping records into files are removed through the help of computers and its applications. It is the gift of IT that people are able to work from anywhere in the world.

So, are you ready to progress your career in IT?

We provide fantastic career opportunities for IT, Technology and Digital professionals with experience working across various industries within the following types of permanent and temporary positions:

  • Application Programming &Development
  • Network, Systems & Security
  • Data Analysis & Intelligence?
  • ERP & CRM
  • Testing & QA
  • E-Commerce & Internet Technologies
  • IT Support
  • Mobile Technology
  • Telecom & ISP
  • Project Management
  • Presales and Marketing
  • Computer Engineering(both software engineering and hardware engineering)
  • Data Entry and Computer Operators
  • System Designing
  • Assembling Operators
  • Computer Equipment Repairers
  • Computer and Information System Manager

We at Sigma Careers, have been helping clients find, hire, manage and retain the most qualified IT professionals in the country for contract and permanent positions across all technologies, levels and platforms.

With the most tenured and knowledgeable IT recruitment specialists in the industry, we help candidates achieve their goals through improved access to the best IT companies they can work for. We fill more roles, more often, across the best IT companies in the business.